2018: Year in Review

This year I tried to understand the role of the instructional coach in more depth. Here are the top 10 things I’ve learned:

10. Intense PD doesn’t happen during statewide testing. Edutopia

9. PD needs to be interactive. Gone are the days of the sit and get PD! Do the fire drill, don’t just glance at the map. Robert Kaplinsky

8. The instructional coach and administrator relationship is critically important. Balanced Reading

7. You can’t easily measure your impact as a coach. Learn to live with ambiguity while we study the role in depth. Barkley

6. Teachers are partners in learning. The instructional coach is not an expert in the field – but a coach should be able to help guide thinking and keep the learning moving forward. Instructional Coaching Group

5. Twitter is an incredible source of knowledge and inspiration! Follow me on Twitter!

4. Coaches need coaching too. Start a Mastermind of coaches. Cult of Pedagogy

3. Your role as a coach requires you to be present in the moment. You are released from the classroom to release you from those every day stresses so that you can help shoulder the incredible weight of the teachers you serve. Self care is critical. EdWeek

2. You can’t be all things to all people. Offer coaching to all and feed the hungry. ASCD

1. Develop your vision and mission. ASCD