About Me

As the title suggests, I am an instructional coach supporting K-6 teachers. In our large northern California school district, we have site coaches that typically support two sites in both ELA and Math. I’m in my third year of coaching, after having taught for 17 years in the classroom (ranging from grades 2-6 and the computer lab, but the majority of time in grades 3-4).

So why a blog? Because I’m too long winded for Twitter! But really, I want to share more of my instructional coaching world with others. I want a space to reflect and refine my work, and offer it up to the world to gather feedback for myself or give help to other coaches and teachers. I love Twitter for professional development and gathering ideas!! But I want some space to explore the ideas and share back results. So here it is.

In my spare non-blogging time, I enjoy spending time with my husband, our two teenage boys, and our two dogs – a Golden Retriever and a Shih Tzu. Just imagine how loud it is when I’m writing!